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Branches and Offices


A network of the Exchange's branches in the regional centers of the country has been created for broader presentation of exchange services in the regions and development of the exchange market in the Republic as a whole.

The chief goal of the branches' activity is to bring the exchange's trading platform closer to auctions participants. It will allow the clients of the Exchange to cut down expenses, and the Exchange to improve quality of service.

Branches perform following functions of the Exchange in regions:

  • carrying out exchange auctions in an one-stage mode with the main exchange platform in Minsk and other branches,
  • interaction with local bodies of a state administration,
  • providing the participants of exchange trade with the possibilities to join the exchange auctions in a local network and a network with remote access,
  • consideration of accreditation documents of participants of exchange trade,
  • carrying out free training of traders,
  • transaction registration (delivery of the account-sheets, registers of participants of exchange trade).


On account of expansion of international co-operation and its presence in different regions of the world, Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange pursues a deliberate policy of creating representation offices outside Belarus. The first one became the Representation office in the Russian Federation that opened on April 7, 2010 on the premises of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow.

Major objectives behind the creation of the Representation office:

  • enhancing merchandising possibilities of Belarusian enterprises in the Russian market,
  • extension of the Exchange's business contacts in the Russian Federation and other countries,
  • representation and protection of the Exchange's interests in Russia and other regions,
  • rendering full service on accreditation of nonresident companies and enabling their participation in the exchange auctions,
  • acquisition, consolidation and analysis of information about the Russian commodity market, market research,
  • search for partners to develop the exchange trade and other areas of the Exchange's operation,
  • carrying out promotional and PR activities,
  • search for investors and attraction of foreign investment.

There is representative of the Exchange who perform similar functions in Latvia (Riga).