Bank Details

Russian: р/с BY23AKBB30120000059140000000 в ОАО «Беларусбанк», г. Минск, просп. Дзержинского, 18, код AKBBBY2X, УНП 190542056, ОКПО 37641248

English: s/a BY23AKBB30120000059140000000 in JSC «JSSB Belarusbank», Minsk, Dzerzhinski Ave., 18, Code AKBBBY2X, UNP 190542056, OKPO 37641248

Transfer of exchange fees, arbitration fees,
auction bids registration fees,

payment for information services,
payment for the electronic trading platform of transportation and expedition services

The exchange trade participants are to pay an advance (exchange deposit) in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations. 

Accounts under exchange contracts, made on the base of exchange transactions with providing of a guarantee, are to be transferred to the exchange control accounts or extra accounts.