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Exchange Commodities Market Review

June 2015 (pdf)

Since February 2011 the Exchange issues «Exchange Commodities Market Review». The magazine is issued every month in the form of electronic document and is sent to the e-mails of clients on subscription basis.

«Review» is divided into following topical blocks:

  • «Review. General information» – includes exchange news, transactions volume depending on sections, results of auctions with industrial and consumer goods, futures contract on futures market, and other useful information.
  • «Review. Metal», «Review. Timber», «Review. Agriculture» – includes auctions volume on the corresponding market section through types of commodities, quotations and price results of the auctions, ratings, indexes, transactions structure depending on commodities, customers, sellers, etc.

Here you can see the examples of «Exchange Commodities Market Review», giving an idea of its informational content. The review is published in Russian, but English variant can be published as well if necessary.

More details regarding the subscription you can find here.