Data and analytics

Exchange Quotations

The development of exchange quotations is one of the major tasks of the exchange as they are the objective indicators of real cost of exchange commodities. The exchange concentrates supply and demand of exchange commodities and defines the proportion between current demand and current supply. As a result of it the price is formed. Price expresses temporary and relative balance but it is sufficient enough for a transaction. That's why exchange quotations are used as the indicator in making transactions at the exchange and at other markets as well.

Besides, providing interested organizations with data about market prices, exchange quotations are often used by state administration authorities as indicators during the price formation in the Republic. Moreover, business entities use them as well – so as to revise prices in long-term contracts with the condition of variable price.

Traditionally, exchange quotation is the result of handling data on prices established during exchange auctions, preparing it for publishing in exchange bulletins or reports and providing the exchange trade participants with it. Quotation is defined for standard commodities that are regularly sold at the exchange auctions in accordance with price factors obligatory for registration, such as dimensional and qualitative specifications, delivery basis, terms of payment, etc.

Exchange is responsible for price results as well. The results are calculated for irregularly traded commodities and for commodities, consignment size of which is lower than minimal level established for each item name, and they are for reference.

Outdated exchange quotations and price results are transferred to the archive. To get access to it you need to subscribe for the correspondent information service or use selection on request.