Data and analytics

Information Services

Who owns the information, owns the world. This principle is highly relevant today. Many companies are struggling even for the smallest piece of information about the market to acquire long-term competitive advantage and be one step ahead of the opponents. It is essential to receive information efficiently and from reliable sources, otherwise the possibility of making wrong management decision can be unreasonably high and it may undermine business activity of the enterprise.

Our experience has proven that exchange statistical and analytical data is in high demand among businessmen. It helps to understand market tendencies better, to precisely forecast market situation and build optimal strategy of enterprise development. Due to receiving the exchange information on time the uncertainty factor is minimized, it lets the enterprise move confidently to the set objectives. This fact was appreciated by the clients using exchange information every day.

It must be mentioned that exchange analytics is applied not only in business, but also in academic spheres. Several Belarusian universities teach the specialties connected with exchange and electronic trade, therefore students use the data from exchange data and analytics products in their term papers and diploma theses. Moreover, Belarusian and foreign information agencies and analytical centers are regular users of exchange information. These agencies conduct market researches and draw up specialized analytical reports, both based on the exchange statistics.

Therefore, analytical information about exchange commodity market is required in many spheres. Being the original source of it the exchange guarantees authenticity, accuracy and relevance of all the data contained in exchange analytical products.