Exchange Brokers

Accreditation of Exchange Broker

Accreditation – granting to company rights and powers to participate in exchange trades as a broker.

In order to pass accreditation procedure applicant company should:

  1. Obtain two Electronic Digital Signatures (EDS) for two traders. EDS are issued by BUCE subsidiary company – Unitary Enterprise «Certifying Authority «BUCE». Detailed information, concerning requirements of obtaining EDS available at website –

    Possessing of EDS is obligatory and core condition of participation in exchange trades. Further you will need EDS to sign electronic documents, enter and use Personal Section at BUCE website, gain access to Trade System, etc.

  2. Pay fee for accreditation (should be paid annually): Invoice for payment of Accreditation Fee (BYN, EUR, USD, RUB)
  3. Attach payment confirmation in the Personal Section.
  4. Sign application documents (Contract of the exchange services of the exchange broker) in electronic form with EDS.

BUCE verifies applied documents in 20 working days term and authorizes client. In case of positive decision, traders should pass certification procedure at BUCE Central Office personally.