Getting Started

Explore Personal Section

Personal Section is used for close interaction with Exchange, that's why you should study it.

Personal Section is, basically, a personal cabinet of each trader of company, his organizer, reminder, electronic help; and its purpose  to simplify the trader's work, become a connector between the trader and the Exchange, minimize the number of phone calls, faxes and other contacts. It includes several sections, dynamically formed by the Trading System of the Exchange, thus being an interactive communication system «Exchange  Trader  Exchange».

Personal Section includes 8 subsections for detailed study (only in Russian):

 Complete description of trader's activities in the Personal Section can be found here:

  • Instruction Manual for a Participant  How to Work in the Personal Section,
  • Instruction Manual for a Non-Registered Participant  How to Work in the Personal Section.

Unfortunately, all the manuals are in Russian.