Getting Started

Install Software

Successful participation in exchange trade should be backed by proper hardware and software. You should:

  • Get a PC(s) with following characteristics:
    • CPU with minimal 1GHz frequency,
    • RAM no less than 256 MB,
    • monitor and video card with resolution at least 1024x768,
    • OS Windows XP/Seven,
    • Internet access with bandwidth of at least 128 kbit/s for send and receive,
    • latest version of Internet-browser (Chrome 13 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Opera 12 or later, InternetExplorer 10 or later);
  • Install free specialized software provided by the Exchange.

The software should be installed on the PCs that will be later used for exchange trade. The software is essential for the following:

  • work with EDS,
  • file bids to buy/to sale of exchange commodities,
  • participate in the exchange auctions.

It should be noted that specialized software is used for procurements via e-trade platform (ETP) for procurements (more here, RUS). Auctions for industrial and consumer goods do not require additional software.

Software for the EDS and electronic keys should be installed in the first place.