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Welcome to our website! No doubt, you have just chosen GETTING STARTED section for a good reason.

Maybe you are experienced enough in the exchange trade.

Maybe you can speak Russian well, or you have a Russian-speaking employee and you have already study The List of Exchange Commodities.

Guess you've visited Glossary page and studied Belarusian legislation, as well as legal framework of the Exchange.

We suppose you've made a reasonable business-like decision and already considered all the advantages of the exchange trade and the Exchange's e-trade platform.

Having already planned all your expenses, you may have considered the Exchange Fee Rates in different sections of the Exchange.

In order to minimize risks you read about the way the Exchange monitors the fulfillment of the exchange transactions and how it deals with the violators of exchange rules.

Anyway, we're sure you know what's good for your business and you've deliberately chosen to participate in the exchange trade. This section is for those who are ready to proceed to action and to become true exchange trade participant. Undoubtedly, the site will significantly help you if you're a rookie in the exchange trade.