Getting Started

What’s Next?

You have completed all the initial steps and obtained an official status of an exchange trade participant.

Your further activities – direct participation in the exchange trade – are beyond the GETTING STARTED section, so we've summarized these steps:

  • Study the structure of the Exchange Web-site, layout of the information that will be necessary during the exchange trade. Web-site is a good assistant in your dealing with Exchange.
  • Read the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus (RUS) that is relevant for the exchange trade.
  • Review in detail Normative Documents of the Exchange. Pay special attention to the Rules of Exchange Trade (ENG) and to the Regulations of the Auctions (RUS) for the chosen section.
  • Read the Glossary section for better understanding of exchange terms and notions.
  • Study the List of Commodities Admitted to the Exchange Trade (or separately by the sections  Metal, Timber, Agri, ICG (ENG))
  • Take a look at the Schedule of Auctions for your section (ENG  Metal, Timber, Agri) , structure of products in accordance with trading sessions (usually one set of products is auctioned in one session, the other one  in another session).
  • Take into account the Exchange Fee Rates (ENG  Metal, Timber, Agri, ICG) for calculation of your expenses when you participate in exchange trade for the commodities you need.
  • Study the procedure of filing bids to buy and for sale of commodities. Learn how to use bids registers (only in RUS).
  • Read about how the Exchange monitors the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the counterparts of exchange transactions.
  • Understand the idea of Exchange Deposit and the rules of its provision.
  • Review the exchange quotations and indexes, as well as their use in exchange trade.
  • Study the registration rules of OTC transactions (only in RUS).
  • Consider the details of the Exchange Contract with the counterpart (each section has its own documents) – principles of drawing up, signing, registration, fulfillment of contractual obligations. You have to know it and carry out faithfully.
  • Know and exercise your rights and obligations.
  • Read the contact information of the Exchange divisions' employees to whom you will contact.


Now you are ready for the exchange auctions. Good luck!