The delegation of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin headed by General Director of Department of Commerce of Heilongjiang Province Mr. Ye Xiaofeng visited the central office of BUCE in order to implement reached agreements during negotiations on June 14-18, 2010 at the 21st Harbin International Trade Fair in China.

Questions of Chinese companies’ accreditation for participation in exchange trade, administration of guarantees on execution of transactions and taking part in auctions of industrial and consumer goods were negotiated during the visit.

From Chinese Side realization of joint activities was assigned to the Center for Economic Co-operation between Heilongjiang Province and countries of Commonwealth of Independent States.

Note: Visit of Chinese governmental delegation headed by Vice-governor of Heilongjiang Province with the participation of Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in China will take place in Minsk on July 18-21, 2010. The delegation will also visit central office of BUCE for negotiation with BUCE’s Board.