On July 18-24, the delegation of People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province (Harbin,China) under the leadership of Vice-President of People's Government Mr. Sun Yao visited theRepublic of Belarus. The visit included negotiations with the Government of the Republic of Belarus, visits to enterprises of Minsk and Vitebsk, as well as to the central office of BUCE.

During negotiations with BUCE’s top management and heads of its structural units the possibility of Chinese companies’ accreditation as participants of exchange trading was considered in order to enhance trade between the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China.

The Sides confirmed mutual interest in developing trade and economic cooperation between the departments of commerce and finance of Heilongjiang Province and BUCE, and agreed to shortly sign an agreement on cooperation and using of BUCE’s exchange trade platform.

Note: Heilongjiang province is located in the northeastern part of China and is bordered by the Far Eastern region of Russia. The province covers an area of over 454 thousand square km, which is 4,9% of territory of China. Population is 38 million people. The province is rich in natural resources, strong economy, high level of technological development and environment. Heilongjiang Province supports the economic and trade relations with more than 130 countries. The main trade partners are the Russian Federation, Japan, Korean Democratic People’s Republic, the Republic of Korea and the United States of America. In recent years the growth of foreign trade turnover amounted to annual average of 7%. The province is the leader among all regions of China in terms of trade with CIS countries (over 20% of the total volume of China).