On 2–4 March, 2011 working group of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC headed by Arcady Salikov, Chairman of the Board, takes part in the 14th Annual Conference of the Association of Futures Markets (AFM) held in Taipei (Taiwan) to establish permanent working contacts, mutually beneficial co-operation and experience exchange with the world's leading commodity exchanges, study the world experience in establishment and development of a futures commodity market.

Meeting of AFM General Assembly will be held as a part of this conference, on which Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC will be accepted as a full member of the Association.

Reference: the prime objective of the Association is to promote and encourage the establishment of new derivative and related markets and to organize international conferences in order to promote communication among members, to strengthen their relationship and to transfer information and experience among them. The Association also maintains informational support of members by posting relevant information on its website, media, advertising and presentation materials. Currently, AFM includes the world's leading commodity exchanges.