Well known in the circles of international carriers corporation PLASKE JSC (Ukraine) became another BUCE partner in the development of the exchange logistics in October this year.

Acting as an exchange warehouse, this organization is intended not only to become the operator of goods (particularly timber) transportation from the border of the Republic of Belarus to the ports, but also to provide the participants of exchange trade with stevedoring services at all terminals of the Black Sea region with further delivery to customers by water.

Sea trading port of Belgorod-Dniester SOE (Belgorod-Dniester), Metalsukraine CORP LTD (Odessa) and Sea trading port of Izmail SOE (Izmail) have also recently been registered as the exchange warehouses in Ukraine. The registration of the exchange warehouse in the port of city Iljichevsk is in the execution stage now.

Thus, the participants of the exchange auctions and the brokers clients were enabled to put up for auction and buy commodities at a fixed price of delivery in the Black Sea ports, which will ensure goods further transportation by water in Turkey, China, countries of the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Africa and other countries.