The first international exchange forum was held in the period from 28 to 30 Octoberin Yerevan (Armenia) under the auspices of the Interexchange Electronic Union. In the forum the representatives of member organizations of the Interexchange Electronic Union, government and business circles of Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine took part.

A wide range of important issues was discussed on the forum. The discussions were related to export and import of commodities, fulfillment of governmental procurement in electronic trading system, as well as the further development of cooperation between the exchanges.

As one of the organizers of the forum Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC (BUCE) tried to provide the participants and the guests with the exact information  about the benefits of the exchanges interaction  and e-commerce. So, a presentation of the BUCE and Yerevan Commodity Exchange joint project on creation of a regional electronic platform was conducted, as well as the BUCE Certification Center opportunities on increase of document flow efficiency in the sphere of electronic exchange trade were presented. The BUCE representatives attracted the attention of the forum participants to the logistics services provided by BUCE also. Moreover, the representatives of private sector that were present in the forum were particularly interested in an extensive network of the exchange warehouses and in well-established transport logistics of BUCE.

In addition, during the forum the matchmaking meeting was held that gathered the representatives of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the businessmen from Armenia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. As a result of discussion a number of agreements was reached, which will be the basis for active interaction between the parties on mutually beneficial terms.

Many forum participants admitted the key role of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC (BUCE) in establishing business contacts between Belarusian businessmen and their foreign counterparts. In this regard, the director of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce Minsk office Alexander Fedorchuk said that "the emergence of a mechanism such as electronic exchanges is important means of optimizing the processes that were initiated during the matchmaking meeting. This contributes to the fact that many of the obstacles of a purely technical nature arising during the fulfillment of foreign trade agreements may be simply excluded".

As for the contribution of BUCE to the activity of the Interexchange Electronic Union the words of the Chairman of this organization Grigor Vardikyan may be brought that the Interexchange Union had reached a new level of technological development and had provided with wide range of opportunities for the exchanges integration thanks to the efforts of BUCE.

"I and our brokers learned a lot from our Belarusian colleagues. We visited BUCE several times and we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the BUCE possibilities and the technologies applied by BUCE. So that after entrance of Belarus in the Interexchange Electronic Union, we can say, our organization got a new breath. In addition we have close friendship relations", said the Chairman of the Interexchange Electronic Union.

In the whole the forum was held in a very constructive and friendly atmosphere and, according to the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Armenia Stepan Sukharenko, it should become an accelerator for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the Belarusian-Armenian trade and economic relations.

"Despite the distance between our two countries, as well as some complexity and problematic nature of the region, trade and economic relations between Belarus and Armenia are developing quite dynamically. All that was possible thanks to the communications established by business people. Therefore, we believe that today's forum will serve as good means of establishing business relations between interested business representatives and give a good momentum for economic and trade relations of all participants of this event", admitted the Belarusian diplomat.