On 14 of November the delegation of Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation business community visited the central office of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC (BUCE). During the visit talks were held, and the representatives of Astrakhan enterprises were informed about the principles of BUCE activities and the BUCE opportunities in the field of electronic trading. In particular, the First Deputy Chairman of BUCE Victor Vladyko spoke about the benefits of the exchange instruments use in the process of export-import operations implementation, and paid the particular attention to the benefits received by both sellers and buyers.

The Russian guests were primarily interested in the issue of guarantees of the exchange transactions fulfillment, as often because of this issue companies hesitate before selling and buying products on the exchange. Responding to a question, the BUCE representatives assured the members of Astrakhan delegation that the above defined problem is successfully solved by means of careful preaccreditation checking of all potential bidders and use of collateral in exchange transactions implementation. In addition, the BUCE has a robust control mechanism for the exchange transactions fulfillment that allows to settle all doubt issues in the pretrial order.

Overall, the event was held in a very constructive way, and the representatives of Astrakhan companies expressed their interest in cooperation with BUCE. It is possible that some of them will be accredited on BUCE in the near future and be able to participate in the exchange auctions either on their own or with the help of brokers.