The delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and representatives of  forestry of the Czech Republic headed by the Senior Director of the Forestry Department of the Czech Republic Martin Zizka visited the central office of BUCE on 22 November, 2013. The First Deputy of Chairman Victor Vladyko talked with Czech guests on behalf of BUCE.

The main purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the activities of BUCE and its key features. The representatives of the Czech forest industry were primarily interested in the procedure of trading in lumber. In particular, the question was asked about the possibility of purchasing lumber of strictly specified quality and at a defined volume. In response, the BUCE representatives described in detail the technology of trading in forest products, and emphasized on the absolute transparency of pricing and the possibility of making counter orders, if the buyer was not satisfied with the terms offered by the seller.

In addition, when the exchange subaccounts are used in the process of the transaction settlement, BUCE will be liable for monitoring the transaction proper implementation. Also the Czech party was pleasantly surprised by the possibility of trading on the exchange with the help of brokers as well as on its own, which distinguishes BUCE from other commodity exchanges.

As noted above, the visit had purely informational purposes and was not intended to discuss specific ways of cooperation. Nevertheless, Czech guests received only positive experiences from visiting BUCE, wherefore they expressed their desire to explore the possibility of using the exchange instruments for the procurement of timber in the near future.