Belarus is planning to export construction materials to Hungary via BUCE

BUCE’s electronic platforms may be used to sell Belarusian construction materials to Hungary. This is issue was discussed during the visit of the Belarusian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Architecture and Construction Oleg Shvets to Budapest on June 3–5, 2019.  

According to Mr. Shvets, the use of the exchange mechanism will ensure maximum transparency of the trading process and facilitate the activity of Belarusian exporters in the Hungarian market.

“Our enterprises already have positive experience of exporting their products via BUCE to the Baltic countries, Ukraine, and Russia. I believe that our Hungarian partners will be interested in employing this scheme as well since exchange auctions not only create favorable conditions for free market pricing but also help mitigate commercial risks related to entering a new market”, Oleg Shvets said.

In this respect, BUCE Vice-Chairwoman Irina Narkevich noted that the most viable option for arranging regular shipments of Belarusian construction materials to Hungary via BUCE would be to register an exchange broker that would execute transactions on behalf of Hungarian buyers, provide quality assurance and possibly logistics services.

“We see joint Belarusian-Hungarian venture Belmastroy as the main candidate for this role. The company is a member of the National federation of construction contractors of Hungary, knows how the local market works and has a substantial customer base. As a professional market operator, the broker helps resolve most of the problems that may arise during trading. Therefore, I think that this is the most effective scheme for Hungary to purchase construction materials from Belarus”, Irina Narkevich concluded.

During the visit to Hungary, the Belarusian delegation held talks with administrations of key ministries and government agencies supervising the development of construction industry in the country and attended a business forum organized by the Embassy of Belarus in Hungary that gathered some of the biggest players of the local construction materials market.