BUCE and Iran Embassy team up to facilitate Belarus-Iran trade

Following a meeting on October 9, 2019, Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange and Iran Embassy in Belarus agreed to team up and jointly facilitate the development of Belarus-Iran trade.

Посольство Исламской Республики Иран

Among other things, the Iranian side expressed willingness to inform the business community of Iran about the potential of exchange trade as a means of entering the market of the Republic of Belarus and Eurasian Economic Union. The Embassy’s spokesperson also offered including the visit to BUCE into agendas of business events arranged by the Embassy in Belarus. According to the Iranian diplomats, exchange trade can provide a new impetus to the development of trade and economic relations between Belarus and Iran and become a powerful tool for economic agents of both countries.

БУТБ и Посольство Ирана

In this regard, BUCE Chairman Alexander Osmolovski confirmed BUCE’s interest in closer cooperation with the Embassy in matters related to attraction of new members from Iran to BUCE’s electronic trading platforms.

“I believe that any cooperation should deliver specific measurable results. In our case, it is the number of registered Iranian companies and the amount of exchange transactions they execute. It is therefore crucial to make representative of the Iranian business community aware of the advantages of exchange trade and convince them to harness this tool. We count on the Embassy’s support and assistance in this matter”, Alexander Osmolovski said.