BUCE and Uzbekistan embassy in Belarus are teaming up to bolster exchange trade

Such agreement was reached on January 24, following the visit of Zafar Amonov, Uzbekistan embassy’s trade and economic counselor, to BUCE head office in Minsk. It was a fact-finding mission designed to inspect the operation of Uzbek Commodity Exchange (UZEX) trading platform launched in December 2018 on BUCE premises. Since then the trading system has been actively populated with bids and offers from Belarusian and Uzbek companies.

Зафар Амонов на БУТБ

“As far as Belarusian export is concerned, we feel very optimistic about Gomelkhimtorg which has developed a special type of fertilizers for grapes cultivated in Uzbekxistan. As soon as the company gets the required compliance certificates it will be able to sell its products via UZEX trading platform”, said Sergey Korol, a spokesperson for UZEX broker firm in Belarus.  

Zafar Amonov, in his turn, voiced the embassy’s willingness to inform Uzbek companies about the advantages of the platform as a gateway to the Belarusian market.

советнику посольства Узбекистана показывают организацию доступа на торговую площадку УзРТСБ

“One of the embassy’s key priorities is to foster trade and economic relations between our countries. Therefore, we are interested in robust development of Belarus-Uzbekistan exchange trade and its exponential growth. Uzbekistan and Belarus both have a list of commodities that could be traded through the exchange. More so that the exchange mechanism cuts out intermediaries from the supply chain and promotes free competition”, stressed the Uzbek diplomat.