BUCE has accredited the first company from Jordan

The first company from the Kingdom of Jordan – Al Essami Co. For Investment and Trade Ltd. has successfully completed the accreditation procedure at BUCE. The company intends to buy a wide array of Belarusian timber products and ship them to Jordan and other countries of the Middle East region.

According to Yahia Saidi, Al Essami General Manager, by purchasing timber at BUCE’s electronic platform directly from manufacturers the company hopes to cut the cost of the merchandise for the end consumers

‘We have garnered the reputation of a high quality timber supplier and quality control has always been our top priority. Belarusian wood products are fully compliant with our standards and since we can get them via the exchange without intermediaries even with transportation expenses included we expect them to yield decent margins. Al-Essami Co. Is a major player in the Jordanian lumber market, so I believe that cooperation with BUCE will contribute to the growth of trade between our countries”, Yahia Saidi claims.

The Jordanian executive also praised measures implemented by BUCE to ensure proper fulfillment of contractual obligations. “In my opinion, reduced levels of risk, reliability and government support are among the key advantages of BUCE’s exchange mechanism”, Yahia Saidi stressed.