BUCE’s broker in Germany intends to invest in Belarusian woodworking

Plans to build a large timber drying facility in Belarus were voiced during a meeting between Sylvester Malag, CEO of Malag & Soltau GmbH, and Alexander Osmolovski, Chairman of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE), which took place on September 11 at BUCE head office.

Биржевой брокер из Германии Malag & Soltau GmbH намерен инвестировать в белорусскую деревообработку

According to Malag & Soltau (BUCE’s broker in Germany) executive, implementation of the investment project will not only help improve the quality of the Belarusian sawn timber but also drive up its export price and expand its sales markets.

In addition, Sylvester Malag said that his company intends to use the exchange mechanism more extensively when buying timber of its production needs.

Malag & Soltau GmbH

In his turn, Alexander Osmolovski assured the German partners that BUCE will continue enhancing the safety of exchange transactions in what regards fulfillment of contractual obligations by both the parties – the buyer and the seller. “After all, by upholding its reputation in the world market BUCE is upholding the image of Belarus as a country”, BUCE Chairman stressed.


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Founded in 1994, Malag & Soltau GmbH specializes in international timber trading. One of the company’s core business activities is buying timber in Belarus for further processing, packaging and reselling to Western Europe, USA, India, China and other countries.