BUCE’s broker in Turkey plans to promote export of Belarusian timber to high-margin markets

“One of our key objectives is to help Belarusian exporters of sawn timber find their way to high-margin markets of Northern Europe, China and Middle East.  Importantly, they must not just enter these markets but gain a firm foothold there. To achieve this goal, we are ready to take extra risks related to settlements, logistics and quality control”.

Турецкий брокер БУТБ

Such statement was made by Yilmaz Soycan, Chairman of Soycan Group, during the talks with Alexander Osmolovski, Chairman of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE). The meeting took place on August 27 at BUCE head office in order to discuss further cooperation strategy between BUCE and Sarpedon Global Trading (part of Soycan Group) which operates as an exchange broker.

Sarpedon Global Trading

The head of the Turkish company also noted that Soycan Group would like to expand its activities in Belarus by creating a joint venture with a 50% stake owned by the government. The JV will provide quality assurance services – primarily to participants of exchange auctions at BUCE.

In his turn, Alexander Osmolovski, BUCE Chairman, said that BUCE is highly interested in developing cooperation in all promising areas, including promotion of Belarusian timber exports to countries beyond the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Soycan Group

“Diversification of sales markets is very important for us. At present, Baltic States and Poland purchase the bulk of the Belarusian sawn timber and then resell it at a premium to other countries. It means that Belarus earns less than it otherwise could. So, if you help us oust the unnecessary intermediaries and gain access to direct consumers of Belarusian timber products, we are willing to team up and support you in every way we can”, BUCE Chairman underscored.