BUCE will hold an international workshop in Riga

On March 15, Riga (Latvia) will host BUCE’s international workshop titled “What can be bought and sold at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange? A buyer’s guide to purchasing goods in Belarus”.

To be held as part of the international construction expo “House I 2019”, the event is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Latvia and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Representatives of the Belarusian Ministry of Forestry and major timber exporters – Bellesexport and Belarusian Forest Company as well as other companies interested in development of Belarus-Latvia trade are expected to attend the workshop.

The participants of the workshop are going to discuss the potential for wider use of BUCE’s trading platforms for buying Belarusian lumber, construction materials and other Belarus-made products highly sought after in the EU market. They will also share experience and best practices in ecommerce and exchange trade across borders.