Polish business interested in buying more Belarus-made wood chips and fuel pellets via BUCE

Potential for wider application of the exchange mechanism when selling wood chips, fuel briquettes and pellets to Poland and other EU countries became the core topic of the international workshop held on July 22, 2019 at the head office of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE). 

Organized by BUCE, the National Agency for Investment and Privatization and Biomass Media Group (Poland), the workshop brought together representatives of Bellesbumprom, Bellesexport, Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, administration of “Great Stone” Industrial Park as well as 15 Polish companies operating in power engineering and wood processing sectors.

According to Maciej Kosiński, Biomass Media Group Board member and Chairman of the Polish Council for Pellets, timber products manufactured in Belarus are highly sought after in Poland while BUCE’s electronic trading platforms offer easier access to the Belarusian market and reduce the associated risks. 

“I see BUCE as a window for Polish companies seeking to do business in Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union in general. On our part, we are ready to provide the Belarusian exporters with a passkey to the EU market where the effective demand for fuel chips, briquettes and pellets is concentrated. I think this is the case when both sides can benefit from cooperation in equal measure”, the Polish businessman believes.   

In his turn, Anatoli Zaretski Acting Chairman of BUCE, stressed that development of cooperation with Polish companies had always been among the key priorities of BUCE’s foreign economic strategy.


“Presently, Poland accounts for some 14% of the total timber exports via the exchange. This is a decent figure but considering our geographic proximity and close trade and economic ties, I’m certain that the amount of transactions executed by Polish traders could be significantly larger. Fuel chips, briquettes and pellets are all highly liquid goods, and if the Polish side is interested in buying them on a regular basis we are willing to render any assistance necessary”, Anatoli Zaretski assured.

Following the workshop, the members of the polish delegation held B2B talks with Belarusian enterprises and organizations focusing on such issues as logistics, settlement, quality control and investment cooperation.

During their stay in Belarus, the representatives of the Polish business community also visited SWOODS and Borisov Experimental Forestry to observe the wood chips manufacturing process and inspect the quality of the Belarusian timber products.