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This is BUCE's corporate magazine issued since 2007 in Russian and English languages. It provides detailed info about BUCE's activities, services, and technologies as well as quarterly performance reports, interviews, analytical articles, comments and answers to frequently asked questions. To learn more about Bulletin click here. Electronic form only. 

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March 2016 (pdf)

A monthly survey of the exchange commodity market of the Republic of Belarus. Prepared by Information and Analysis Division of BUCE. More information is here. Is released in electronic form only. Paid subscription. Click here for subscription terms of and prices.

(RUS only) ©2015, 196 pages

«Exchanges of Belarus» is a book written by BUCE experts and timed to the 10th anniversary of BUCE's first trading session held on June 2, 2005. The book offers a detailed account of the main stages of exchange trade development in the Republic of Belarus:

  • origins of commerce in Ancient Belarus and formation of the modern Belarusian statehood,
  • associations of land owners and industrialists in the late 19th century, emergence of first mercantile exchanges in early 20th century,
  • revival of mercantile exchanges after World War I and their gradual decline by the end of 1920s,
  • short-lived “boom” of exchange trade during 1990s,
  • rebirth of exchange trade in the 21st century – foundation of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange.

Too many unique stuffs of National Hystoric Archive of Belarus, Belarussian State Archive of Cinema, Photo and Audio Documents stored under a feel «For the Auxillary Use» now are published.

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