Press Center

Press Service

Who we are:

BUCE Press Service is the ultimate source of the most current and accurate information on BUCE's activities. We make sure that BUCE stays in touch with the community, foster BUCE's positive image and promote exchange trade in Belarus and elsewhere. Thanks to our efforts and commitment, BUCE's voice always reaches the target audience.

What we do:

  • Interact with Mass Media to communicate information on BUCE's activities.
  • Monitor media reports and publications and respond to them.
  • Arrange media events (press conferences, briefings, interviews, etc.).
  • Launch advertising and PR campaigns.
  • Provide information coverage for various events organized by or involving BUCE.
  • Generate content, develop and update BUCE's official website.

What we offer:

We always welcome new partners and are ready to consider any proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation in PR, advertising, and Mass Media.

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Meet the team:

Roman Yaniv


Chief Communications

Areas of focus:
PR, GR, Media Planning,
Phone: +375 (17) 309-37-25
E-mail: Send mail

Oksana Belenkaya


Executive Secretary

Areas of focus:
Corporate Media, Internal
Communications, SMM
Phone: +375 (17) 309-37-34
E-mail: Send mail