Trade for Metal Products

Auctions Participation

You may take part in exchange auctions from remote work places via Internet.

The conductor of the auctions  the Makler  the Exchange employee authorized to manage exchange auctions process and to monitor strictly the observance of The Rules of Exchange Trade during auctions.

Access to the Trading System of the Exchange for taking part in exchange auctions is possible only through two different software modules used for different trade sessions:

Auctions for:
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
and Products thereof,
Cable and Wire Production,
Coal and Coke on domestic market
Auctions for:
Scrap and Waste of Ferrous and
Non-Ferrous Metals for export

Authorization in both software modules is to be made by using your Electronic Digital Signature.

Main singularity of that kind of auctions is the principle «Want to Buy» when the initiator of the deal is the buyer who selects the best sentence of applicants and pushes button «Purchase».