Trade for Timber

How to Participate

You may find out how to become a participant of exchange auctions, after you read the information at the section of the website «GETTING STARTED», make a decision to use the mechanism and the advantages of exchange trade and fulfill the algorithm of specific actions to obtain the status of the Exchange Auctions Participant.

Here we would like to note the basic steps you should take after you decided firmly and consciously to participate in exchange auctions (it is necessary to be ready for your first trading cycle). Thus, you should:

1. Find traders who will participate in the exchange auctions. Register them and provide them with training to work at the software.

2. Each your trader should receive the ELECTRONIC DIGITAL SIGNATURE (EDS), for which you are required to visit the website of the Certifying Authority of BUCE and acknowledge the step-by-step instructions. Examine all proposed guidelines and tutorial videos.

3. Examine the structure of the PERSONAL ACCOUNT and the procedure for its use. Study all problem issues that may arise during the exchange auctions, and the algorithm for their elimination.

4. GET ACCREDITED AT THE EXCHANGE, submitting all necessary documents and information about your organization.

5. Fill in the special form with the data about your organization at the Personal Account, send it and form thereby the EXCHANGE SERVICES CONTRACT between the exchange and your organization. Sign it using your EDS. Signing of the contract by the exchange ends up the process of accreditation.

6. Download the SOFTWARE at the website of the exchange (Application Load Module and Trading Module) and install it on your personal computers. Examine thoroughly the instructions for installing the software and its use.

7. Examine carefully and thoroughly the LEGAL ACTS and the REGULATIONS OF THE EXCHANGE. Pay particular attention to the Rules of Exchange Trade and the Regulation of the Exchange Auctions at the Timber Products section.

8. Examine the LIST OF GOODS admitted to exchange auctions (timber products, in particular), their structuring by the trading sessions.

9. Study the PROCEDURE OF APPLICATIONS SUBMISSION to buy or sell, terms and peculiarities of the submission. Learn how to use the REGISTERS OF APPLICATIONS.


11. Examine thoroughly YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS, use and exercise them scrupulously.

12. Know and observe the EXCHANGE CONTRACT with the counterparty of the exchange transaction, the order of its formation, signing, registration, obligations to be performed.

13. Learn the order of the OTC TRANSACTIONS registration.

14. Read the CONTACT INFORMATION of the officers of the Timber Department and the other departments of the exchange you may contact.

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